Simple Ways to Prevent Windshield Replacement

In order to understand why these techniques are effective, it is important to first understand what types of problems lead to the need for the windshield replacement in the first place. Having a long crack on the windshield is the reason for more than 90% of all replacements. These cracks normally come from either edge cracks or rock chips.

Fixing an Edge Crack

The edge crack is the cause of 60% to 80% of all auto glass replacements. The outer edge (approximately 2 inches) has 3 curable defects that are inherent to all windshields. This causes the outer edge to chip or crack more 2.5 times more often than anywhere else. Additionally, this area also has the highest likelihood of a chip or crack to immediately expand to 8-10 inches.

There is one possible solution for this area of the windshield. Repair the rock chip whenever possible. This will likely prevent any future cracking, which also means that it can prevent the need for a windshield replacement.

Fixing a Rock Chip

Rock chips are responsible for 10% to 20% of all windshield replacements. These cracks are normally more centrally located, but are often considered any crack that is not in the outside edge. While there is a smaller likelihood that these smaller chips or cracks will expand quickly, they must be dealt with as soon as possible. The best way to address this problem is to have the chip repaired immediately. The chips that cause these larger cracks come in all shapes and sizes and often come from something (such as rock or even a piece of sand) striking the windshield. With quick repairs, you can prevent the need to replace the entire window.

A windshield replacement is a very expensive, yet very common issue that many people will face. This is why it should not be surprising that insurance companies deal with windshield replacements more than any other issue. Fortunately, the two main causes of auto glass replacement (edge cracks and rock chips) can be both either prevented or treated before windshield replacement is necessary.


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