When to Fix Windshield Cracks Or Replace the Windshield

When to Fix a Windshield

Windshield repair depends are a variety of factors. The two most important factors are: where the damage is and how severe the damage is.

1. Where is the Damage

Experts and professionals will tell you that the location of the damage is often just as important as the severity of the damage. If the cracks appear towards the outside rim of the glass, they are prone to spreading quickly and can easily compromise the structural integrity of the windshield. If the structural integrity is compromised, then replacing the windshield is often your only option.

2. Severity/Size of Damage

As a general rule, you will not be able to get a crack repaired if it is more than 6 inches long. If your problem is a chip instead of a crack, the chip should not be larger than a quarter. Keep in mind that these rules are not hard and fast, always check with a local professional.

Potential Costs

The reason people choose to fix windshields instead of replacing them is that fixing them is much cheaper. Replacing an entire windshield can cost between $250 and $500. On the other hand, repairing a chip in the glass will often only be $50 to $75 for the first chip and then an additional fee for each following chip. The general rule is that the larger the crack or chip, the more expensive the process will be.

Who To Talk To

Once you decide that you need to fix your windshield, the best place to go is to a windshield repair professional. They have a specialized skill set that ensures that the job will be done right. Moreover, getting your windshield repaired can require special tools and techniques that are hard to find anywhere else. Windshield repair professionals focus primarily on fixing windshield problems just like yours. When it comes to something as important as your windshield, a windshield repair professional is always going to be the best option available.


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